Our Company

Company Staff in front of our warehouse

Our History

"Madison Wood has been in business since 1959. Started by my father and four of his business partners, we’ve continued to grow as a company with a reputation for producing the highest quality wood products available."
- Bill Price, CEO

Our 180,000 square foot facility is located in Madison, Virginia and can treat over one million board feet of lumber in a single day. The facility reflects our commitment to manufacturing safety and has been recognized as an environmental model for the 21st century. We received the Agribusiness Environment Award for the Virginia Agribusiness Council in recognition of outstanding environmental practices.

Our goal is quality assurance in every step of the treating process. Wood is bought solely from mills producing consistently above average wood, and those mills are re-evaluated on a systematic, ongoing basis. We accept only clean, dry lumber bound by straps, not chains. All lumber is stored indoors, assuring that the customer will receive a fresh product. A mold inhibitor is applied to all products. To minimize handling damage, wood is moved by conveyors and is packaged in bundles with plastic bands and protective crosspieces.

Madison takes similar care to make sure delivery, customer support and marketing assistance are provided as promised. As a result, we have earned a reputation for offering wood of the highest quality that can help distinguish you from your competitors.

Our Promise

Top notch products and services are cornerstones of Madison Wood.

Continuous upgrades ensure a first class product for our customers. Madison’s 180,000 square foot building is the world’s largest wood treating facility in terms of physical size and treating capacity. The floor contains over 5,000 cubic yards of concrete at 6,000 PSI with fiber mesh. It has eight trailer loads of steel reinforcement and is a minimum of 8” thick. The building shell consists of 33 trailer loads of steel. It has a 30 pound snow load and an 80 MPH wind load with no tributary load reductions allowed. Ventilation is provided by eight roof fans that allow for a complete air exchange every fifteen minutes. We have built a facility that remains a model for the industry. Housed in a single building that covers four and one-third acres, the central focus is our treating equipment and lumber handling system.

The treating equipment includes the industry’s largest pumps, which enable us to produce a lightweight product in 90 minutes. This is achieved using 12″ fill lines moving a work solution at rates up to 8000 GPM. These pressure pumps can reach 175 psi in less than three minutes at 600 GPM. This closed loop system allows complete cylinder exchange in less than five minutes and incorporates a unique elevated drip pan system. Madison also has two remanufacturing plants capable of custom milling a variety of products. The technology and environmental controls we employ eliminate all concern of ground contamination.

State of the art controls and attention to detail make our facility a model for the future.